Court cases

Cabbie’s suit: Mayor ‘hypocritical’ for holding drivers below the minimum wage

Melissa Callahan, a cabdriver, is suing the City of Chicago for making it impossible for cabbies to earn even the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. On February 26, Melissa held a press conference, joined by a group of cabbies and her lawyers from Despres, Schwartz & Geoghegan to explain why Mayor Emanuel is(…)

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News on CPS lawsuit

From Catalyst Chicago: In the two lawsuits filed in federal court Wednesday to try to slow down or stop school closings, the central charge is that special education students will be disproportionately hurt by the actions. This, according to the lawsuits, is a violation of the American Disabilities Act. More than 5,000 students are enrolled(…)

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Mark Brown, Chicago Sun-Times: Lawsuit sure to shake things up

From the Chicago Sun-Times… Just when I was beginning to give up hope, someone has finally stepped forward to challenge the legality of last year’s Chicago ward remap. And more importantly, they are challenging the particularly dubious practice of aldermen putting the new ward boundaries into effect immediately. Under this practice, hundreds of thousands of(…)

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