In which Tom is (mostly) favorably referred to.

Republic redux?

From In These Times… “This week renowned labor lawyer Thomas Geoghegan filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of the workers laid off from Rolf’s in December 2010 and December 2011, arguing that the company violated the WARN Act both times by failing to give 60 days notice or 60 days severance pay. The suit(…)

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Quotation, clarified

My letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal, published over the weekend. Regarding John Fund’s “As Wisconsin’s Battle Heads to Court, Unions Try to Oust a Judge” (Cross Country, April 2): Mr. Fund says that I believe paying union dues should be voluntary. Sure, a membership that pays dues voluntarily will be more(…)

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Del Valle endorsed by Latino county commissioners

From the Chicago Sun-Times: He may be behind in the polls and in fund-raising, but on Friday, City Clerk Miguel del Valle picked up the endorsements of both Hispanic commissioners on the Cook County Board. “He knows what it takes to build healthy neighborhoods, to bring vibrancy, to put people to work,” Commissioner Jesus “Chuy”(…)

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