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What I tell my clients

My editorial in the Akron Beacon Journal. CHICAGO: As a lawyer I work for people like you — people who lose their health insurance, or who are fired because they’re sick. Sometimes they’re people who never dreamed they’d get whacked, but the boss walks in, and poof, they’re gone. Our little law firm represents people(…)

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“Were you born on the wrong continent?” now in paperback!

From the New Press… Tired of working ’til you drop and not going anywhere? Try to imagine your life in a full-blown European social democracy—especially the German version. In an idiosyncratic, entertaining travelogue written in a “chatty, anecdotal style [that’s] appealingly digressive and winning” (Publishers Weekly), Thomas Geoghegan explains the appeal of “boring” Germany, where workers sit as(…)

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