Constitutional & Civil Rights

equal justice under lawWe frequently represent citizens in litigation to protect their rights to vote, to free speech, to equal protection, to due process, and to be free from unlawful search, seizure, and imprisonment. Our work has touched on everything from the Seventeenth Amendment to the Commerce Clause.

In 2010, we won a case establishing that voters have a constitutional right to fill vacancies in the United States Senate.

We have also successfully brought litigation challenging police misconduct and we currently represent a client who was wrongfully imprisoned for over a year.

As with all of our work, we pursue civil rights cases with an eye towards achieving social justice. With that in mind, we are proud of the work our firm has done to fight against the school closures in Chicago over the last couple of years. We filed suits on the issue each of the last two years that have provided a rallying point for the community against unjust and discriminatory public school policies.

If you feel that you have a civil rights case on behalf of yourself, another individual, or a community or group of people, please contact Thomas Geoghegan.