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Practice Areas

Creative litigators committed to fighting for equity and justice.

For decades, the attorneys of Despres, Schwartz, & Geoghegan, Ltd., have successfully represented individuals, worker’s collectives, class-action groups, neighborhood organizations, public-interest groups, and unions.

For every case we take, the attorneys at Despres, Schwartz, and Geoghegan, Ltd., make use of creative strategies, a collaborative approach, and a wealth of experience to obtain just results for our clients.

Attorneys seated at a table together.
Attorneys Mike Persoon, Will Bloom, and Tom Geoghegan in the firm’s Chicago loop offices.

Areas of Focus

Workers deserve security, equitable treatment, fair compensation, and dignity in their employment. Our attorneys fight to safeguard those rights as litigators, contract negotiators, and arbitration advocates.

As experienced advocates of constitutional law, we represent a range of clients, including individual workers, voters, parents, and unions to protect these fundamental rights.

Union democracy is key to a healthy labor movement and has long been a core value of our firm. Our attorneys help workers advocate for a more democratic unions for workers of all backgrounds.

Our attorneys are relentless in their pursuit of justice through litigation in higher courts, from federal courts of appeal, to state Supreme Courts, and even to the Supreme Court of the United States.

When unethical and corrupt practices loom large, our firm works to protect consumers against fraudulent and predatory schemes, exploitative governmental policies, and corporate profiteering.

Our attorneys have experience navigating the complexities of class action litigation, and we welcome the opportunity to seek justice for large groups of citizens, workers, and other collectives.

A history of representing workers and people of all backgrounds.

The attorneys of Despres, Schwartz, & Geoghegan have established a reputation as innovative litigators, willing to take on difficult and contentious cases that other firms deem too challenging.

We have fought to secure the rights of workers in the United States Supreme Court, and have sued state and local governments to fight for free speech, democracy in public education, and funding for human services. We have also sued state and local governments to challenge school closings, gerrymandering, and the privatization of public resources like parks and parking meters.

Fighting for equity and justice

As part of our work in public-interest litigation, we take pride in representing those who are so often left without a voice by the legal system—victims of wage theft, usurious payday loans, plant closures, and discriminatory labor practices. Our long record of success also includes fighting for more democratic unions, working with union members to ensure their voices and needs are represented as part supporting a healthy and sustainable labor movement.

Attorneys seated at a table together.

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