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Consumer Advocacy

Protecting consumers against fraud, exploitation, and scams

While many people find themselves struggling in today’s economy, there are unfortunately just as many people willing to take advantage of those struggles. We work to protect consumers against fraudulent and predatory schemes, exploitative governmental policies, and corporate profiteering.

We advocate on behalf of consumers in order to secure them some economic stability in the faces of these powerful forces.

Experienced advocates

Consumer Advocacy Experience

In order to protect consumers, our attorneys employ a creative approach to advocacy and litigation that takes into consideration the vulnerable economic positions that many of our clients may find themselves in. In doing so, we have helped a number of consumers who have fallen victim to the predatory payday lending industry, unconscionable arbitration clauses, and unfair insurance schemes. We have also fought for more accessible charity care from hospitals and challenged widespread abusive practices through large class-action lawsuits.

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What We Do

Taking on state and local government

Our recent consumer advocacy work has centered around abuses by local and state governments. In 2021, we brought suit against the City of Chicago for its unlawful use of “late fees” to extract additional revenue from residents who are already required to purchase, and fined for failing to pay for, a “wheel tax license” for their vehicles.

At the state level, we have pursued litigation against Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) and the Exelon Corporation, which have admitted to engaging in bribery and corruption schemes related to Illinois’ utility rates. Our suit, appealed to the Illinois Second Judicial District in 2023, seeks to ensure that consumers in Illinois are not required to pay unfair and unreasonable rates as a result of that admitted corruption.

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